Wood Sheds Or Wooden Sheds?

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Wood Sheds Or Wooden Sheds

Is it a wood shed or a wooden shed?

This may sound like splitting hairs, so bear with me, please. It is just that it comes up often enough that I should at least attempt to explain.

What does someone mean when they ask about wood sheds?

Now, I am from a deep East Texas rural background, and old enough to remember some of the amenities that we had in my childhood, and to appreciate the ones which have now replaced them. Now, before you think that I must be so old that I am referring back to the days before Noah, let me explain that there are places that were just a little too far away from the main highways to be in the same timeline with the rest of the country and that there still are.

Let me regale bore you with a few of these older accommodations and their more recent counterparts:

  • We had no indoor running water. It had to be drawn from the well, and to this very day, I still get a little excited when I turn on the faucet.
  • There was no central heat and air, that was a function of wood stoves and screened windows.

Wooden shed

To accommodate the lack of running water inside and the lack of centralized heating, we had outbuildings, one for the less spoken of human functions, and one for keeping fuel dry for the fire. The one for firewood was known as a wood shed.

To people my age, a wood shed was somewhere you didn’t want to go, it either meant chores, or worse. It has probably almost gone from our vocabulary now, that phrase, “He got taken to the woodshed!” which derived its meaning from the activity that a misbehaving child might experience in that place. Both wood sheds, and sometimes it seems, even corporal punishment have all but disappeared from our culture.

So, A wood shed is, technically speaking, a place to store wood. A shed made of wood is a wooden shed. Now, I do realize that language is a living thing. It changes some with each new generation, so whichever way you choose to say it, your portable building dealer will understand what you need and will be happy to accommodate you and probably with a lot less verbosity than I have.

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