The Portable Part of Portable Buildings

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The Portable Part of Portable Buildings

There are a number of ways to get a utility building. You can purchase one from a dealers lot and have it delivered, you can have a builder build a shed to your specifications and deliver it, and of course, you can have a contractor build a building on site. Many of the builders and dealers you will find listed here will do that for you, but don’t lose sight of the portable side of portable buildings.

The portable part of portable buildings

Most people think mostly of the building side of portable storage buildings, but sometimes, the portable part is just as important. Of course, you need the building for storage or some other purpose, but portability can also be an important factor.

Why portable?

For one thing, if the building is to be placed on your property, it needs to be a movable building. For another, if you ever plan to relocate the building on your current property, or want to move it to a new location when you buy your dream home or country estate, the portable part of a portable storage building is important and can add to the value of your investment.

What makes a portable building portable?

Well, there is size, and there is construction.

To be practical and portable, a building must be small enough to be loaded onto a trailer and moved efficiently, preferably without having to get special permits outside the normal permits used for such purposes.

The construction part of the equation is the way the building is built, particularly the bottom. Most portable buildings are built on skids to facilitate moving and loading. These skids will probably be in contact with the ground, so it is important that they be made from treated material to prevent rot.

The skids will allow you to move the building by towing it from one area to another on your property or allow for loading onto a trailer for more distant transfers.

If you intend to move your building in the future, make sure that it is built for portability.

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