Used Portable Buildings Texas

Used Portable Buildings Texas

Used Portable Buildings Texas: It is sometimes possible to save money by buying used portable buildings. Texas dealers and individuals are the two primary sources for purchasing used utility buildings. Here is a little information on the two sources and some ideas on what to look for as well as some negotiating tips, and even an alternative source for bargains. There may be more ways to get a building at a better price than you imagined.

Used portable buildings from dealers

Texas portable building dealers sometimes offer repossessed buildings at discount prices. This is usually the byproduct of the rent to own process and happens when the renter no longer needs the building. The used storage shed is often priced based on the amount still needed to fulfill the original contract, and the longer it was kept by the original lessee, the less it will cost. There are some pretty good bargains available from storage building dealers. One of the best things about buying a used building from a dealer is the fact that the dealer has the means to transport the building. Be sure to ask about transport and figure it into your final cost.

Used portable buildings from individuals

There are times when a homeowner may decide to sell a portable building. It can happen for a lot of reasons. They may just no longer need it, maybe they have upgraded, perhaps they just need the space for something else. Whatever the reason, such buildings can be real bargains for the cost conscious buyer. You should always remember to factor in the cost of moving the building after the purchase. If the cost of transport is too high, you could end up with a better deal by buying a new portable building or buying your used building from a dealer. To find used portable buildings for sale by individuals, check papers like Penny Saver, Thrifty Nickel, and your local classifieds, as well as electronic sources like Craigslist, and Ebay.

Whether buying from an individual or a dealer, you will want to inspect the building before plopping down your cold hard cash.

When there is a problem with a portable building, it usually has to do with water. Moisture is the enemy of wood, and the presence of rot and water stains indicate that water has been present at some point. Use this little checklist for reference:

  • Check the roofing for signs of problems like missing shingles, or rusted screw holes.
  • Check the siding for loose materials, and rust.
  • Check all openings for signs of water damage. This can be in the form of stains or weak wood.
  • Check the floor at the entry. If it is springy, you might want to look underneath for signs of damage.
  • Test the flooring by walking around to check for springy areas.
  • Check the rafters for signs that water may have leaked through.

If a utility building has any of these problems, that doesn’t mean that is not serviceable, it simply means that there may be some work to be done, and knowing this may provide a negotiating tool for the bargaining process.

Negotiating price for used portable buildings

Yes, I said bargaining process. There is often room for a little horse trading and haggling on used portable buildings. Be fair but firm in your negotiations, and mention all known issues. It should be mentioned that cash will help in your negotiations. Make your best deal, and then ask what the price would be in cold hard cash. You might be surprised what doors can be opened, and what concessions can be made in the presence of physical money.

Scratch and dent specials

There are sometimes other bargains that may rival used portable buildings. Texas dealers, like most around the country, often have slightly damaged sheds for sale at discount prices. These “scratch and dent” buildings may be priced in such a way that they will be moved quickly. The best way to know is to ask. There is usually a little wiggle room in price on such items so the same rules apply as when negotiating for used buildings.

Used Portable Buildings Texas: Check them out, and be sure and check the dealers in your area!