Portable Building Placement

Portable Building Placement

Portable buildings need a home. They will have to be placed somewhere on your property, and this decision deserves considerable thought.

Remember, that although the building is portable, moving it requires some pretty hard, and possibly expensive work, so you want to be sure to get it right the first time. Here are a few things you should consider:

Portable building placement considerations


If you have an irrigation system, it may need to be modified to account for your new structure. Obviously, a building set on top of an irrigation head or two could be a problem, but also consider that the building may be an obstruction to irrigation water, preventing one area from being watered, while drowning other areas. Some heads may need to be moved, while others may require only adjustment, or a different type of head such as an adjustable in place of a full rotation head.

Living things

Trees, shrubs, and even your lawn grass need light. Some more than others. If you place your building in an area that will “shade out” your sun loving plants, they will flounder. Reflective heat, particularly with metal buildings can be a problem for many plants. Be certain that you consider this when preparing a placement plan.

Maintenance issues

Losing access to a part of your home or property can be frustrating and expensive. Setting your portable building on top of a septic tank will present a bad situation if you ever need your tank pumped out. Having a building placed so close to the house or a fence that you can not get a mower through can be a constant frustration. Give future maintenance needs some serious thought before settling on a final position for your portable building.