Portable Building Maintenance

Portable Building Maintenance

The need for portable building maintenance

It is a fact of life: Everything needs some maintenance to remain in tip top condition. Any system left to itself has a tendency toward random. Your portable building is no exception.

Some building types have fewer maintenance needs inherently. Steel buildings are all but maintenance free, and can be maintained with very little effort for many years. Here are a few maintenance tips for the 2 major building material types:

Steel portable buildings

steel storage shed
Small steel utility buildings requires little maintenance.

Steel buildings require less maintenance than other types of utility buildings. The skin of a building provides protection for the building structure, and high quality steel siding will do the job very efficiently. Most modern steel siding is galvanized and painted by a special method which allows dealers to offer a 20 year or more rust through warranty.

There are still a few things you should do to prolong the life of a steel building, and to help preserve it’s initial vibrancy.

Scheduled cleaning

Cleaning the shell of the building will preserve it’s color and prevent grime, fungus and algae from becoming a nuisance. This should be done with water and a mild, abrasive free cleaner. It should be rinsed thoroughly.

Part of the cleaning process should involve removing fallen branches and such things as leaves and pine needles that may gather behind them. They will trap moisture which can cause damage over time.


Checking for loose screws can also help. if you find any, simply hand tighten them, and do not strip them. Areas where a fastener may have caused abrasion can be sealed with a drop or two of silicon sealer before replacing the screw.

If and when a deep scratch occurs, a dab of touch up paint can keep rust from becoming a problem.

Wooden portable buildings

wooden storage shed
Wooden storage sheds often require more maintenance than their steel couterparts.

Wooden buildings require a little more maintenance than their steel cousins, but setting up an annual schedule for performing maintenance activities can help you to prolong the effective life of your building.

Knowing that steel buildings require less up keep may make you wonder why anyone would choose another type of siding. There can be many reasons.

  • Home Owner Associations may require wood.
  • Wood may fit better in some types of landscapes.
  • Wood may look better with some types of homes.
  • Wood is often cheaper initially.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of wooden portable buildings in Texas, with more being purchased every year.

Wood tends to rot in the presence of moisture. Keeping the moisture out of the wood fibers is the job of sealer and paint.

These maintenance items should be done on a yearly basis:

  • Loose or crumbling paint should be scraped or pressure washed to remove.
  • The building should be thoroughly cleaned, and dried.
  • All exposed joints should be caulked if needed.
  • The right paint or sealer should be applied according to the manufacturers specifications.
  • The roof should be checked and any needed repairs should be mode immediately.
  • All openings should be checked, and weatherstripping or caulk used to make repairs.

Maintenance for all building types

All buildings should be checked for levelness from time to time. We suggest once per year at least, and any time between when doors or windows begin to stick, or other signs are noticed. A standard spirit level can be used, and if the bubble is not centered, it may be time to try to drive a wooden shim under the beam in the low spot. It may be necessary to use a hydraulic jack and a pad to do a little minor lifting to accomplish this.

We suggest checking this and performing the leveling procedure before painting or sealing.