Portable Building Financing

Portable Building Financing

Portable Building Financing: Lots like this offer several forms of financing.
Portable building financing is not a lot different from financing most other items.The vehicles used for financing most medium to big ticket items are pretty much the same for portable buildings.

You can pay cash, you can finance through a bank, credit union, or other lending agency, you can buy with a credit card, which is really just a variation on the lending institution option, and there are 2 other types of financing which are pretty common in the industry. The old “90 days same as cash” option, and the one that everyone loves to hate, that is, “rent to own”.

Now, most of the other options are pretty common and self-explanatory, but rent to own deserves a little more attention.

Rent to own

Rent to own is a possiblitiy for portable building financing in most states, and it may or may not be a good option for you in your situation! This is one of those cases when the reason and need for a purchase weigh heavily on the decision, and not all outcomes are equal! Before you jump into such a transaction, we offer some help in sorting things out! Go to the page in the link below and think about what it has to say. Rent to own is like a tool and can be used for good or bad when it comes to portable building financing!

To learn more about the rent to own, or lease purchase as it is also called, see: Rent To Own.

As an added note: It is almost always a good idea to talk with your bank or credit union before making such a purchase with an alternative form of financing. They may have special low rates for home improvement loans, or other such improvements. Either way, it is never a bad idea to get more information when it comes to a large purchase!