Portable Building Delivery

Portable Building Delivery

Unless your building is to be “built on site”, it will have to be delivered to your property in some way.

Method of delivery

Delivery is usually done with a delivery truck, or truck trailer combination. Some important things to keep in mind are:


The size of the opening in your fences. If the truck and trailer will not fit, another method, like building on site may be better than standard delivery.


All obstructions need to be cleared before delivery, including things like low hanging power lines and communication line, low hanging tree limbs that would interfere with delivery, and trees spaced so closely that a truck and trailer combination can’t get through.


Orientation of the building needs to be decided before the building is loaded for delivery. Which way do you want your doors to face when it is off loaded? Please read our section on portable building placement before you finalize.

Delivery costs

Some dealers offer free delivery, in such cases, the delivery cost is covered in the price of the building. Some dealers add a delivery fee to the end of the price. Either way, the delivery cost will be reflected in the end price. Compare apples to apples. Final cost should be the determining factor when all else is equal.

Special conditions

If your lawn is in a low area, rain the night before delivery could be a problem for building delivery. Placing a building on a slope may require extra blocking. There are many other potential pitfalls, and you should discuss these with your dealer when you buy.