Portable Building Accessories And Options

Portable Building Accessories

Improving the functionality of your portable building can be done easily by using portable building accessories.

Most portable building dealers and builders offer accessories which they will add if you purchase a custom building, and some have a variety of accessories already added to buildings on their lots.

Of course, you can always add some of these to your own building if you have some basic tools and some basic skills.

There are a few of these extras which are pretty common, so let’s take a walk through a building and see what we can come up with that might make your new building a little more functional:

Building entry

If you need a ramp to wheel things in and out of your building, one can be provided that is designed to work well with your building.

Building openings


There are usually some options related to doors, having to do with door types and door sizes. The two major types are walk through doors, and overhead doors.

Walk through doors can be anything from the very basic barn type shop built doors to house quality doors with glass inserts. They may be double, or single.

For some purposes, a garage door may be needed. These come in several sizes and are most often the “roll up” type design. Most builders will offer other types¬†for an additional fee.


Most builders offer some variety in the size of windows they offer, as well as the number of windows, and placement options.


Vents to help purge hot air and assist in moisture control are available with most dealers. There is a little variety in what is offered, but there are other options available.


When it comes to walls, you can sometimes get extra studs, insulation, some building dealers will completely finish the inside walls for you.


Some builders offer roofing options. These are usually a choice between composite shingles and painted steel.


Most builders build both wooden and steel sided buildings, and this is less of an accessory than a siding choice, but it is something you should think about.

Inside extras

Lofts and benches

Some of the items between the walls include lofts for extra space, work benches for projects, and shelving for extra storage space.

Plumbing and electrical

There is a lot of variety in this area, some builders will do everything including the kitchen sink, and others may do only very basic work like mounting fixtures to the wall with plumbing and electrical wiring to be added by licensed electricians on your own property. Some do not offer anything in the way of plumbing or electrical.

Of course, all these extras do cost money, but most of the time the prices are reasonable.

Specialty items

If you need something special, feel free to ask your dealer, they will usually do almost anything that you ask within reason, and at a fair price.