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Storage Building Alternatives

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Storage Building Alternatives

Storage Building Alternatives: Let’s look at storage buildings in a different way. The need for storage is well documented. There can be little doubt about that. There are other options to the standard type of backyard storage building, and I think we should take a look at those options.


There is always the family garage. The garage is almost always the default storage method. In fact, in an unscientific study I have conducted over the years, a full garage is the number 1 reason given for buying a storage shed, to begin with. The garage was built to house an automobile, and eventually, no matter how cluttered it becomes, someone will want to park in it. There is bad weather to be avoided, safety to be considered, and just plain old convenience as well.

Public storage

If you don’t want to store things in your garage, and you don’t want to consider buying a utility building, there is always public storage or self-storage as it is often called. Public storage is a system whereby you store your goods in a small unit next to a bunch of other small units in a complex of units and pay someone to keep it for you. You usually pay monthly. You will drive back and forth to get anything you need or to add to the pile. You will either continue to pay rent throughout your life, move your stored items to a final destination, or stop paying and your stuff can show up on an episode of “Storage Wars”!

Storage containers

This is a variation on storage buildings, but with less in the way of aesthetic appeal. Storage containers are large rectangular metal containers resembling a boxcar. They are strong and can be secured easily. They are also heavy, bulky, unattractive and better suited to commercial than residential uses, and like public storage, they are usually rented.

Get rid of your stuff

You could, of course, get rid of your stuff, thus eliminating the need for storage space altogether. In some cases, this might be the right solution. Cutting down on the amount of stuff you need to store is probably a good idea no matter what storage solution you choose, but this is not always possible or practical. We offer some suggestions on lightening your storage load here.

Let’s get real about storage

The reality is, you probably need storage space, and in most cases, the best solution to your storage problem is a portable storage building. Portable buildings can be attractive, convenient and durable, and can decrease the cost of storage over time.