Rent To Own Portable Buildings Vs. Rent Forever Public Storage

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Rent To Own Portable Buildings Vs. Rent Forever Public Storage

Public storage is rent forever?

Would you rather pay for something until you own it, or would you rather continue to pay for something forever? Rent to own portable buildings can be the answer to your pay forever storage problem.

It seems like a “no-brainer”. The idea that public storage is a “rent forever” proposition. The truth is that public storage may not be rent “forever”, in fact, it always comes to an end, and often that end is an auction of the goods inside the mini storage building. Think that is unlikely? Well, it happens often enough and tragically enough that there is even a popular TV show about the aftermath!

A necessary evil

The fact is, that public storage rental is sometimes needed. It is a necessary evil. It is needed when other alternatives are not available, but it is not a good long term solution to storage problems. Public storage has a near perpetual cost. In theory, you simply rent the space as long as you need it, then remove your stuff and it’s all over. What happens in actuality is a different story. Most people move their goods into a public storage facility, and then either the painful nature of having to move it again or the tendency to put it on the back burner takes over until the next payment is due. This usually continues over several years.

Portable building ownership is better

It is much better to buy a storage building for storage purposes, and save the money spent on monthly fees. It is a sad fact that our economy may make buying a portable building with cash a difficult proposition for many people, and other options may be needed. One of those options is rent to own.

Rent to own portable buildings

Rent to own portable buildings are available for those who are seeking to relieve themselves of the burden of public storage rental fees. Why move from one type of rental to another? Well, for starters, portable buildings offer the convenience of having your stored goods on your own property, which saves you driving time and driving expense. For another, the rent part of rent to own will eventually end, allowing you to actually own the portable building so that you do not continue to pay forever. This will save you money in the long run.

What about cost?

That is a good question. You will pay more for a portable building with rent to own than you would by buying it outright. That is a given. You will, however, pay the same monthly fee that you would pay for an equal amount of space in a self-storage unit. Most Texas portable building rent to own payment plans are designed to resemble the monthly payment for about the same square footage as self-storage. The difference is, that once you pay off the contract, you will own the building, with no more payments going to anyone, so the cost for the long haul is much less.

Is rent to own for you?

Rent to own portable buildings

A rent to own portable building may not be for you, or it may. That depends on you and your situation. Either way it is an option that you should look into, especially if you are paying storage rental fees for public storage or self storage.

Why pay rent forever when you can pay about the same amount of rent for 36 months or less and rent to own a portable building.

How much have you spent in years of self-storage?

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