Portable Buildings Can Increase Real Estate Sales

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Portable Buildings Can Increase Real Estate Sales

Increasing Real Estate Sales With Portable Buildings

If you are like me, you probably think that real estate is in need of a serious price adjustment, and in spite of the poor market right now, the downward adjustment to date has not been sufficient to bring buyers back in droves.

If you are a banker with lots of foreclosed properties on hand, or an agent seeking to maximize commissions, you probably don’t agree, but let’s not let that stop us from getting to a point of agreement. You still need to sell the homes, right? Well, give this method a little thought:

If you have property that can’t drop in price, and that just doesn’t quite meet your potential buyers demands, try this:

Filling a storage need

Purchase a storage shed and install it on that property. This one tiny little expense may be just what you need to bring buyers to the table. Here’s why:

Many people have left the housing market and need to downsize, but the property you are selling is probably smaller than the one they came out of, meaning they have extra stuff, and they will need a place to put it. Some may be paying a fee to a self storage place, and being able to put an end to that monthly fee might just be the ticket to get them to put it in ink.

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