Storage Building Alternatives

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Storage Building Alternatives

Storage Building Alternatives: Let’s look at storage buildings in a different way. The need for storage is well documented. There can be little doubt about that. There are other options to the standard type of backyard storage building, and I think we should take a look at those options.


There is always the family garage. The garage is almost always the default storage method. In fact, in an unscientific study I have conducted over the years, a full garage is the number 1 reason given for buying a storage shed, to begin with. The garage was built to house an automobile, and eventually, no matter how cluttered it becomes, someone will want to park in it. There is bad weather to be avoided, safety to be considered, and just plain old convenience as well.

Public storage

If you don’t want to store things in your garage, and you don’t want to consider buying a utility building, there is always public storage or self-storage as it is often called. Public storage is a system whereby you store your goods in a small unit next to a bunch of other small units in a complex of units and pay someone to keep it for you. You usually pay monthly. You will drive back and forth to get anything you need or to add to the pile. You will either continue to pay rent throughout your life, move your stored items to a final destination, or stop paying and your stuff can show up on an episode of “Storage Wars”!

Storage containers

This is a variation on storage buildings, but with less in the way of aesthetic appeal. Storage containers are large rectangular metal containers resembling a boxcar. They are strong and can be secured easily. They are also heavy, bulky, unattractive and better suited to commercial than residential uses, and like public storage, they are usually rented.

Get rid of your stuff

You could, of course, get rid of your stuff, thus eliminating the need for storage space altogether. In some cases, this might be the right solution. Cutting down on the amount of stuff you need to store is probably a good idea no matter what storage solution you choose, but this is not always possible or practical. We offer some suggestions on lightening your storage load here.

Let’s get real about storage

The reality is, you probably need storage space, and in most cases, the best solution to your storage problem is a portable storage building. Portable buildings can be attractive, convenient and durable, and can decrease the cost of storage over time.

Rent To Own Portable Buildings Vs. Rent Forever Public Storage

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Rent To Own Portable Buildings Vs. Rent Forever Public Storage

Public storage is rent forever?

Would you rather pay for something until you own it, or would you rather continue to pay for something forever? Rent to own portable buildings can be the answer to your pay forever storage problem.

It seems like a “no-brainer”. The idea that public storage is a “rent forever” proposition. The truth is that public storage may not be rent “forever”, in fact, it always comes to an end, and often that end is an auction of the goods inside the mini storage building. Think that is unlikely? Well, it happens often enough and tragically enough that there is even a popular TV show about the aftermath!

A necessary evil

The fact is, that public storage rental is sometimes needed. It is a necessary evil. It is needed when other alternatives are not available, but it is not a good long term solution to storage problems. Public storage has a near perpetual cost. In theory, you simply rent the space as long as you need it, then remove your stuff and it’s all over. What happens in actuality is a different story. Most people move their goods into a public storage facility, and then either the painful nature of having to move it again or the tendency to put it on the back burner takes over until the next payment is due. This usually continues over several years.

Portable building ownership is better

It is much better to buy a storage building for storage purposes, and save the money spent on monthly fees. It is a sad fact that our economy may make buying a portable building with cash a difficult proposition for many people, and other options may be needed. One of those options is rent to own.

Rent to own portable buildings

Rent to own portable buildings are available for those who are seeking to relieve themselves of the burden of public storage rental fees. Why move from one type of rental to another? Well, for starters, portable buildings offer the convenience of having your stored goods on your own property, which saves you driving time and driving expense. For another, the rent part of rent to own will eventually end, allowing you to actually own the portable building so that you do not continue to pay forever. This will save you money in the long run.

What about cost?

That is a good question. You will pay more for a portable building with rent to own than you would by buying it outright. That is a given. You will, however, pay the same monthly fee that you would pay for an equal amount of space in a self-storage unit. Most Texas portable building rent to own payment plans are designed to resemble the monthly payment for about the same square footage as self-storage. The difference is, that once you pay off the contract, you will own the building, with no more payments going to anyone, so the cost for the long haul is much less.

Is rent to own for you?

Rent to own portable buildings

A rent to own portable building may not be for you, or it may. That depends on you and your situation. Either way it is an option that you should look into, especially if you are paying storage rental fees for public storage or self storage.

Why pay rent forever when you can pay about the same amount of rent for 36 months or less and rent to own a portable building.

How much have you spent in years of self-storage?

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Portable Buildings Texas | Solutions To Life’s Little Frustrations

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Portable Buildings Texas | Solutions To Life’s Little Frustrations

Life can be frustrating. It can also be expensive. You probably came here looking for a solution to one or both of those problems. Sometimes our problems can be solved by simply looking at the root problem, and finding some simple way to deal with it. It may sound silly, but that is what portable buildings are designed to do. Frustration One of the main sources for frustration and irritation around the home is clutter, particularly in the family garage. If it is full, you can't park your car, or turn it into a spare bedroom. It often produces that nagging feeling that you have to get around to cleaning it out someday, but when? Well, that is usually followed by an answer like: "When we get a place to put all the things that are inside it." A visit to one of our listed Texas sheds and portable buildings dealers can solve that problem, allowing you to get on with the work of getting rid of several of life's little frustrations all at one time. Money Texas portable storage buildings can provide you with a simple, inexpensive means of cleaning out your public storage rental. Paying rent for a place to keep your stuff just doesn't make sense, when you can probably buy a building of your own for about the same amount that you would spend on a year or 2 of rental fees. What if you don't have enough cash on hand to just run out and buy a shed? Most dealers have rent to own portable buildings. Texas dealers usually have fair and easy lease purchase programs that will cost about the same each month as public storage fees which makes buying portable buildings in Texas a snap, plus, you get to own your storage shed. So, find one of our portable storage building dealers near you and get started.

Portable Buildings Can Increase Real Estate Sales

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Portable Buildings Can Increase Real Estate Sales

Increasing Real Estate Sales With Portable Buildings

If you are like me, you probably think that real estate is in need of a serious price adjustment, and in spite of the poor market right now, the downward adjustment to date has not been sufficient to bring buyers back in droves.

If you are a banker with lots of foreclosed properties on hand, or an agent seeking to maximize commissions, you probably don’t agree, but let’s not let that stop us from getting to a point of agreement. You still need to sell the homes, right? Well, give this method a little thought:

If you have property that can’t drop in price, and that just doesn’t quite meet your potential buyers demands, try this:

Filling a storage need

Purchase a storage shed and install it on that property. This one tiny little expense may be just what you need to bring buyers to the table. Here’s why:

Many people have left the housing market and need to downsize, but the property you are selling is probably smaller than the one they came out of, meaning they have extra stuff, and they will need a place to put it. Some may be paying a fee to a self storage place, and being able to put an end to that monthly fee might just be the ticket to get them to put it in ink.

Portable Building Buying Tips: Finding Value

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Portable Building Buying Tips: Finding Value.

portable building buying tips

Portable building buying tips: Determining value

You probably already know what size and type of utility building you need, but how do you find which one is the best value for you? What is value? Value is the place where the highest quality and the lowest price intersect. That's what you want to find. So, you look for quality. I know, I know, that's a no-brainer, but what is quality anyway? Well, look for buildings that are well constructed, and built with quality material. Okay, what do the terms "well constructed", and "quality material" mean.

Tips on determining quality material and construction

  • The materials should be sturdy
  • The wall uprights or studs should be straight and clear with few or no knot holes, and the more of them the better preferably 24" or less on center.
  • The floor joists should be at least 2"x6" material and at least 24" on center.
  • The skids should be at least 4" wide and made of treated materials.
  • If the building is covered with sheet steel, the steel should have a long rust through warranty.
  • If the shed is composite or wood sided, it should be straight with no swaying between studs.
  • Siding should be fastened securely.
  • Paint or sealant should be even and uniform.
  • Good general fit and finish should be obvious but look for tight joints, clean cuts, and no splits.
  • Quality doors and windows should be firm and well attached and should open and close easily and firmly.

Tips for finding a building with the right price

Once you find a quality building, you need to get the best price possible. Another no brainer! Of course, a high-quality building will likely cost a little more than a poor quality building, but it will save money in the long run. You should balance that fact with what you need and what you can afford to pay. For instance: If you need the portable garden shed for storing lawn hand tools, the most important thing is that it be weather worthy. You will not get a lot of advantage buying an 8'x10' building built like Fort Knox to store you garden rake and pruning shears. If you need the shed for storing things of high value, or for use as a family game room or office, you should probably spring for a model built more like a small house. At the place where your needs are met with the highest quality portable building that suits your purpose for a price that you can afford, that is where your value lies.
  • Determine what you need.
  • Determine What you are willing to pay.
  • Start shopping, then shop some more.
  • Determine which dealer can best meet your needs.
  • Get a price and don't be afraid to haggle there is probably a little wiggle room.
  • Dealers sometimes have unpublished discounts available, ask them.
We hope that these portable building buying tips will help you to find value, and get the highest quality building for your purpose at the best possible price. If you have other suggestions, feel free to comment.