Modular Portable Buildings | Governmental Commercial Industrial

Modular Portable Buildings | Governmental Commercial Industrial

Our emphasis on Texas Portable Buildings has been on the residential user, but there is another entirely different group of portable building users, the industrial, commercial, and governmental portable building market.

Modular buildings, and mobile modular building rentals play a big part in the Texas portable building industry, not to mention in our daily lives.

Texas has grown, and with this growth comes a large population of school age children. Much of the overflow from this growth goes into makeshift classrooms, which are often housed in portable modular buildings on the campus. The need for extra space in schools and other organizations which have varying degrees of growth or usage, coupled with transient needs like emergency hospitals and shelters, military housing, and business use make this market an important part of Texas construction, employment, and business.

Some of the ways portable modular buildings are used:


Portable classrooms

Texas is growing, it has been for some time. This growth has taxed school districts throughout the state, and new schools can not be built fast enough to provide space. Movable portable buildings, often simply called portables are often brought on to campus for utilization as classrooms until larger buildings can be built.

Military and law enforcement

Military housing, guard shacks and other police and military offices are sometimes contracted. The mobile nature of “portables makes them ideal for this type of use, particularly when deployment is transitory.

Emergency use

When disaster strikes, there are many needs. Some of the biggest are temporary housing and hospitals. Modular portable buildings are idealy suited for such purposes. It is possible to get them on site and ready to use quickly without the need for construction time.

Commercial and industrial portable buildings

Mobile offices

Sometimes businesses need to try out a new location before commiting to making it permanent. Modular portable buildings are perfect for such forays into new territory. Movable buildings provide the perfect, cost efficient temporary office space for working in an area on a trial basis, or for any type of service that may need to relocate after a certain goal is accomplished such as a construction site or insurance disaster claims office.


Almost every business in almost every industry in the State of Texas needs storage space from time to time. Overstocked inventory awaiting the next sales cycle, incoming materials scheduled for use at a later stage, sales drop locations, and document storage are only a few of the ways that mobile buildings are utilized.

Tool sheds and break rooms

All industries require tools, the Texas oil industry and construction companies and similar labor intensive jobs usually need some type of storage for tools and equipment. They also need offices and break rooms. Modular portable buildings provide the perfect solution for such entities.

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