East Texas Cabins Can Earn Extra Income

East Texas Cabins Can Earn Extra Income

Do you own lake front property in East Texas on Lake Fork, Lake Tawakoni, Lake Palestine, or one of our many other area public lakes? Are you interested in having some extra income? If so, this is something that might be of interest to you.

City dwellers understandably like to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and other such places, and East Texas with it’s natural pastoral settings, top notch lakes, and rural lifestyle is often the place of choice.

Furthermore, the fishing in our area lakes is some of the best anywhere in the country, and this attracts a very large number of fishermen from across the state and across the country. Our east Texas lakes are a haven for wildlife, like ducks, geese, and whitetail deer.

There is also a new trend in Texas, fishing private Texas lakes. So, if you own property with a small private lake with good fishing, you can get in on this as well.

In fact, you don’t even have to live near a lake to make this work. East Texas cabins can earn extra income from fishermen, duck hunters, and whitetail deer hunters, not to mention, the average business person needing an escape from the rigors of the concrete and asphalt world of city life.

How can you do this? Well, it is pretty simple.

  1. Measure your area to be certain of the size building your property will support.
  2. Check the area to see what if anything may need to be adjusted or moved, like irrigation heads, etc. See Portable Building Placement for details.
  3. Check with your local authorities (including your Home Owners Association if you have one) to be sure that you are within your legal rights.
  4. Find the right building for your needs. We have some recommendations for local East Texas cabin builders below.
  5. Purchase the building and have it delivered and set up. This process is pretty easy, and the cost may be a lot less than what you imagine. Most portable cabin dealers also offer rent to own as a purchasing option.
  6. Connect the plumbing and electrical, which depending on your level of skill and expertise, and local regulations, may require a licensed plumber and electrician.
  7. Let your local hunting and fishing guides know about your venture. Visit a few hunting and fishing forums online, and let the readers know about your place, and it is very likely that you will have renters before you know it.

Your venture will also be good for your local economy, since you will probably attract people who might otherwise not even visit your area.

How smoothly your East Texas cabin rental project goes is largely dependent on the building and the builder you choose.

So, if this sounds appealing to you, and your property is within about 100 miles of the Alba/Emory area, we have a recommendation. Ben’s Barns in Alba Texas. Ben’s Barns will build a cabin to your specifications, including such amenities as counter-tops and sinks, bathroom facilities, lighting, and others. The fit and finish of their products is top of the line, and the prices are the best in the business. You will be dealing with a local dealer, with strong ties to the East Texas community, and that is always a good thing.

Contact them at: 903.213.5769 or visit their facility on highway 59 between Alba and Emory to find your perfect East Texas Cabin.

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