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East Texas, as it is defined by most East Texans covers a pretty large area of the Lone Star State. The lines may differ slightly, depending on who you talk to, but if you draw a line from Dallas to Houston and extend it from Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico, you won’t go too far in the wrong direction. You can also consider anything east of I-45 to be in the region.

The area is often sub divided into separate sections, North East Texas, South East Texas, and Central East Texas. Once again, there is some debate over where one ends and another begins.

Wherever you live in the region, there is an East Texas portable building dealer near you, ready and willing to help meet your needs. In fact, there are enough portable building dealers in East Texas, to keep the competition high, and the prices low. There is enough variation in products and quality to provide choices for the local market that are found in few other places. Whether you need a storage shed for putting a few things away, a shop for hobbies or industry, or a portable cabin, you can find what you need from one of our listed dealers.

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