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An Open Letter To Portable Building Dealers In Texas

An Open Letter To Portable Building Dealers In Texas

Dear Dealer

We are offering Texas portable building dealers the chance to toot their own horns for free on, and that’s not just a lot of hot air! If you would like to describe your business to our readers we would love to give you the chance to have your say on a page dedicated to your business only.

What we would like is an article of around 250 to 700 words describing your business in your own words describing what you offer, business information, and your basic philosophy of business. Tell our readers what makes you stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of dealers out there, so tell people why they should choose you over the rest of the pack.

If you are not already included in our alphabetical listings, we will include your business name and number there as well.

While we encourage self promotion, we do reserve basic editorial rights, and your article should not attack others or be just a sales brochure. Just put your business in the best light possible without being pushy or offensive and you should be fine.

Just a note about keywords: Keywords, the words you want to be found for are important, and should be included in the text of your article, but “keyword stuffing” and other “spammy” methods can be death to an article online. We suggest using plain, natural language when writing for any website.

While you are at it, why not consider being a guest author on a portable building related topic? There is probably something you know that would both endear your company to our visitors, and provide helpful information. Find that you don’t agree with us on a topic or two? Feel free to give your point of view!

We will include a link to your site at the bottom of any article we include.

In today’s online experience getting the word out about your business in as many trusted venues as possible is more important than ever.

We offer other promotional opportunities, including lead generation on a try before you buy basis (contact us for details), advertisement, and branding. See: Our advertisment page for more details.

Contact us at:

A Portable Building Tip: Now Is The Season To Buy!

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A Portable Building Tip: Now Is The Season To Buy!

A portable building tip

It is early September as I write this and I am going to let you in on a little secret: Everything has a season. Spring and early to mid summer is normally the storage building season in Texas. During the late summer fall and winter Texas portable building sales usually drop a few points. This may be a bit of an oversimplification, but in general it is true.

How does this information help you? Simple. Everything costs less when demand is down!

That means that from about August through the winter, building dealers may just be selling fewer buildings and therefore, willing to make some deals to keep the wheels of enterprise rolling along!

Dealers offer discounts from time to time anyway, so any time is a good time to buy, but you will probably have a better than normal chance of getting that super great deal you have been waiting for during this time of the year.

So, now you know the little secret, and how it benefits you. What should you do about it? Well, find the dealer you want to do business with, give them a call, or walk onto their lot, and start working on the best deal you can make. You may be surprised at just how great the deal will be!

Now that’s a great portable building tip! So, what are you still doing here! You should be looking for a portable building dealer in your city!

A Clean Garage And No Self Storage Fees: A New Years Resolution

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A Clean Garage And No Self Storage Fees: A New Years Resolution

A unique Christmas gift for your family starting with a new years resolution!

Just a couple of tips on new year resolutions that might help bring peace, a little prosperity and tranquility to your home this holiday season. If you get started right now, you could make this a Christmas gift to your family.

Christmas is right around the bend, followed soon after by the new year. Are you ready for it? What about all that stuff in the garage that your wife has been trying to get you to move for several years now? When are you going to get to that? Huh? it may be time for an early new years resolution.

Resolve to clean out the garage

Start the new year with a clean garage, and a better relationship with your spouse! Texas portable building dealers are offering the best prices of the year.

If you are like most of us, one of the biggest problems in cleaning out any junked up spaces is having a place to put the good stuff that you don’t want, or need to throw out. We can help you get beyond that, and at a price that may just surprise you.

Tips on cleaning out the garage


  • Determine the size building you need based on the space you think you will need, and the available space where you plan to place it. See: Portable Building placement.
  • Buy the building
  • Make sure your building is in the right place.
  • Pick a nice clear day so you can do much of your sorting outdoors
  • Make four piles:
  1. Give away things you might want to give to goodwill or a neighbor
  2. Throw away things that need to be sent away. Sort this into sub piles of recyclables and non recyclables
  3. Sell, things that you can sell for a profit. This pile can be combined with the give away pile if you like.
  4. A keep pile for the things you want to store

Make a specific section of your lawn or drive for each, and go to work.

Caution: This could turn into an impromptu garage sale.

If your garage is full, and you rent self storage space for the excess, you may need a second resolution:

Resolve to stop paying self storage

Don’t spend another year paying rent on self storage. Don’t use self storage, store the stuff yourself!

With the new year coming up, it is time to reconsider some things, maybe getting rid of some things you don’t need, like that old poster of Farrah Fawcett, and maybe a few bills. What bills can you get rid of? If you rent from a public storage facility, you can get rid of that one in a couple of easy steps. Call one of the dealers listed here or go to your local storage building dealer. Pick out the building you like, or choose one designed to your specifications, pay for it outright, or use their convenient rent to own program and get your building on the way. Head over to the self storage place, and go back to the tips listed above.