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Give Her Indoor Parking: A Valentine’s Gift Idea

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea:
Give her indoor parking! It is a gift she will appreciate the whole year round! This is how Texas Portable Buildings can help:
gift of indoor parking- portable building
Want to make the Queen of your heart happy this Valentine’s day? Have we got a great idea for you?

Give her indoor parking!

Need a great Valentine’s Day gift idea?

Clean out the garage so she can park inside and avoid having to walk through the rain, sleet, hail, or the hundred degree plus heat to get indoors.

That should get cupids arrows on target!

What can you do with all that stuff in the garage?

I have a great idea:

Buy a portable building.

Once you have that in place, start on the garage. We recommend starting with 3 designated areas in your yard or on your drive:

  • A storage section, for the things you just can’t bare to part with.
  • A Throw away section, for those things that definitely need to go.
  • A give away section for things you might want to take to a charitable organization.

Take everything in the garage out and place it in one or the other of these sections.

When you are done, make arrangements to get each pile to where it belongs.

When you come to the storage section, move those items to your new portable building, stacking the least used, least needed items at the back, and progressing to items you might need on a regular basis at the front. Remember to leave aisle space.

Where can you find a great portable storage building for a great price? We can help you with that! In fact, we have a whole list right here:

Texas Portable Building Dealers By City

Remember, you are going to give her indoor parking, and that is a gift she will think of each time she drives into the garage, so it is worth the minor inconvenience and the small cost!