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Give Her Indoor Parking: A Valentine’s Gift Idea

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea:
Give her indoor parking! It is a gift she will appreciate the whole year round! This is how Texas Portable Buildings can help:
gift of indoor parking- portable building
Want to make the Queen of your heart happy this Valentine’s day? Have we got a great idea for you?

Give her indoor parking!

Need a great Valentine’s Day gift idea?

Clean out the garage so she can park inside and avoid having to walk through the rain, sleet, hail, or the hundred degree plus heat to get indoors.

That should get cupids arrows on target!

What can you do with all that stuff in the garage?

I have a great idea:

Buy a portable building.

Once you have that in place, start on the garage. We recommend starting with 3 designated areas in your yard or on your drive:

  • A storage section, for the things you just can’t bare to part with.
  • A Throw away section, for those things that definitely need to go.
  • A give away section for things you might want to take to a charitable organization.

Take everything in the garage out and place it in one or the other of these sections.

When you are done, make arrangements to get each pile to where it belongs.

When you come to the storage section, move those items to your new portable building, stacking the least used, least needed items at the back, and progressing to items you might need on a regular basis at the front. Remember to leave aisle space.

Where can you find a great portable storage building for a great price? We can help you with that! In fact, we have a whole list right here:

Texas Portable Building Dealers By City

Remember, you are going to give her indoor parking, and that is a gift she will think of each time she drives into the garage, so it is worth the minor inconvenience and the small cost!

Wood Sheds Or Wooden Sheds?

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Wood Sheds Or Wooden Sheds

Is it a wood shed or a wooden shed?

This may sound like splitting hairs, so bear with me, please. It is just that it comes up often enough that I should at least attempt to explain.

What does someone mean when they ask about wood sheds?

Now, I am from a deep East Texas rural background, and old enough to remember some of the amenities that we had in my childhood, and to appreciate the ones which have now replaced them. Now, before you think that I must be so old that I am referring back to the days before Noah, let me explain that there are places that were just a little too far away from the main highways to be in the same timeline with the rest of the country and that there still are.

Let me regale bore you with a few of these older accommodations and their more recent counterparts:

  • We had no indoor running water. It had to be drawn from the well, and to this very day, I still get a little excited when I turn on the faucet.
  • There was no central heat and air, that was a function of wood stoves and screened windows.

Wooden shed

To accommodate the lack of running water inside and the lack of centralized heating, we had outbuildings, one for the less spoken of human functions, and one for keeping fuel dry for the fire. The one for firewood was known as a wood shed.

To people my age, a wood shed was somewhere you didn’t want to go, it either meant chores, or worse. It has probably almost gone from our vocabulary now, that phrase, “He got taken to the woodshed!” which derived its meaning from the activity that a misbehaving child might experience in that place. Both wood sheds, and sometimes it seems, even corporal punishment have all but disappeared from our culture.

So, A wood shed is, technically speaking, a place to store wood. A shed made of wood is a wooden shed. Now, I do realize that language is a living thing. It changes some with each new generation, so whichever way you choose to say it, your portable building dealer will understand what you need and will be happy to accommodate you and probably with a lot less verbosity than I have.

The Portable Part of Portable Buildings

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The Portable Part of Portable Buildings

There are a number of ways to get a utility building. You can purchase one from a dealers lot and have it delivered, you can have a builder build a shed to your specifications and deliver it, and of course, you can have a contractor build a building on site. Many of the builders and dealers you will find listed here will do that for you, but don’t lose sight of the portable side of portable buildings.

The portable part of portable buildings

Most people think mostly of the building side of portable storage buildings, but sometimes, the portable part is just as important. Of course, you need the building for storage or some other purpose, but portability can also be an important factor.

Why portable?

For one thing, if the building is to be placed on your property, it needs to be a movable building. For another, if you ever plan to relocate the building on your current property, or want to move it to a new location when you buy your dream home or country estate, the portable part of a portable storage building is important and can add to the value of your investment.

What makes a portable building portable?

Well, there is size, and there is construction.

To be practical and portable, a building must be small enough to be loaded onto a trailer and moved efficiently, preferably without having to get special permits outside the normal permits used for such purposes.

The construction part of the equation is the way the building is built, particularly the bottom. Most portable buildings are built on skids to facilitate moving and loading. These skids will probably be in contact with the ground, so it is important that they be made from treated material to prevent rot.

The skids will allow you to move the building by towing it from one area to another on your property or allow for loading onto a trailer for more distant transfers.

If you intend to move your building in the future, make sure that it is built for portability.

Texas Portable Buildings For Christmas

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Texas Portable Buildings For Christmas

Texas portable buildings for Christmas, now that’s an “out of the wrapping paper” idea for this holiday season!

It's time to start thinking about holiday gifts for family and friends! I know, it sneaks up on us every year, but you still have time to add some holiday awesomeness to your many other fine qualities, even if timely gift buying is not one of them. We have a suggestion: Give the gift of organization and de-cluttering to your loved one...give them a Texas portable building for Christmas!

Now is the time to buy!

Now is the time to order. Prices are low, the selection is amazing, and if you order now, there is a great chance that it can be delivered before the holidays.

A gift with purpose!

Ladies, if you have a husband or father who likes to make things, build things, or work on things, consider a nice portable building with a little extra space and a workbench. They will love it.   Men, if you want to give your wife a gift she will really appreciate, order a storage shed and clean out the garage. You will be surprised at how much holiday cheer that will bring!   Parents, Tired of the children monopolizing the entertainment space and using every television in the house for video games? Buy a portable storage unit, and turn it into a game room! You will be a hero to your children, and simultaneously get them out of the living room! It's a win-win situation.   Remember, the holidays bring in a lot of extra stuff to replace last years extra stuff. Having a place to move the old extra stuff will help to cut down on the clutter, and provide for a less stressful holiday season.   While we are on the subject of stress, what about those in-laws who come to stay for a few days or weeks during this season? If you start now, you can purchase a portable building suitable for turning into a guest house or cabin. Better yet, buy one that will already be finished for that purpose inside and out, and free your own space up for yourself and your immediate family!   You will find dozens of ways a utility building, storage building, or shed can help you in this coming season, and long afterward. Give it a little thought, and then give one of this sites Texas portable building dealers a call.

Storage Sheds Not Just For Storage

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Storage Sheds Not Just For Storage (Reminds me of the saying: “Beer, it’s not just for breakfast anymore!”)

Storage sheds are not just for storage anymore!

It was once true that storage sheds were just that, sheds or small buildings used for storage. Things have changed. Now, the old storage shed is no longer just a place to throw the stuff you don’t have a place for inside your home. It has become more. In one sense, they have become utility buildings and may be used for a number of things throughout their lives. That is not counting the ways in which portable storage buildings are used that no longer include storage at all.

The new storage building uses

It is now more likely that they will be used as guest houses, game rooms, home offices, diminutive gymnasiums, and a lot more. Many small businesses rely on them for a variety of services like document storage, offices, storefronts, site sheds, break rooms and other work related purposes. Like we said, a storage shed is not just for storage any more!

A lot depends on how they are accessorized. Many builders have recognized this trend toward other uses and offer what were once considered just “storage sheds” decked out for these differing purposes.

Storage shed re-purposing

Even if you purchase a plain storage shed, or happen to already have one on your property that is not being used, with some good planning, and a little “sweat equity” and assorted building materials you can probably re-purpose one to meet your new found desires or demands. See: Storage Shed Remodeling for more information.